Logo Design

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Logo is not just some graphical icon that you display on  your website or namecard or letterhead. It is not just font-play on your company name. It is not just lines and colors and pixels.

It’s more than that. It’s your brand. You have gotta do it right!

gnogn draw logo design serviceThere are stories behind every establishment, purpose behind every organisation,  beliefs behind every culture, and meaning behind every name. Therefore your logo should tell your tale, portray your beliefs, showcase your purpose, and give a sticking impression to your name.

Here at gnogn draw, we offer you just that – logo that shouts their own name, and shows off their attitude. We help to conceptualize your logo, embodying your culture and spirits, giving it character that it deserves, based on your beliefs and values. We then portray it visually to make everyone understand and remember. With the right branding efforts, your logo will stick to people’s mind in no time.

Logo Evolves

The World keeps changing, so must your logo evolve to stay relevant for its time. Your customer base, target market, target audience could change over the course of time. The individuals in these groups, their perception, attention and preferences change every so often.

If you feel that your logo is out of date, looks dull, ancient or boring, let us help! We can redraw and redesign your logo, give it a new look yet not losing its identity and familiarity. If your company has outgrown its logo, we can help to give it new character and purpose that fits your company brand better.

It does not end here..

How else can we promote your brand name?