QR Custom Design

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gnogn draw QR custom designNo doubt you have seen one of these small icons with black pixels and squares that mostly sit awkwardly in a design.

These Quick Response (QR) codes are popular and excellent tool to bridge your audience to your content. Forget about long web URL or shortlinks that does not make sense on your media design, we can use QR code to accomplish the same, and immediately.

A QR code can contain any type of information, from pure text to website URL to even more complex contact card. We can create any kind of QR for your specific purpose, and making them work smartly for you.

It does not need to be ugly…

We despise ugliness. So we help to design your QR code to blend perfectly with your layout design, brand and logo. This prevents awkward black and white squares that tarnishes the aesthetics of your designs. See how we do it.